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Newsletter 2023

The idea of creating this association dedicated to the imagination, the creation and the production of cultural projects, was born around a nice meal between seven friends.

Around the table we were artists, scientists, mathematicians, teachers, students, from different generations and fields of work.

We had the same little spark in our eyes, the one of the pleasure of learning, of sharing stories, of experimenting, of passing on emotions and know-how.

Those who at the time had ongoing projects, could benefit of the presence of this diversity of age and skill. This benevolence allowed them to perfect or reconsider the presentation of their project, to envision other links, ideas or new questions that he or she alone may never have reached… This is were Artecapt comes from!

Rafael Guglielmetti, Alexandre Foucqueteau, Roberto Cortesi, Clélia Liebermann, Jérôme Baur, Gaia Baur, Anna L’Hostis

Sensitive to current social themes, to responsibility and ethics both artistic and scientific, to the value of the passing on of knowledge as well as the future of our planet, Artecapt contains three fields of work to explore and communicate on these different themes:


  • The visual (photography and video)
  • Music
  • Events




Clélia Liebermann


Alexandre Fouqueteau

Alexandre Foucqueteau

General Secretary

Rafael Guglielmetti N&B

Rafael Guglielmetti

Treasurer and IT guy

Oliver Prosperi



Gaia Baur

Active member

Jérôme Baur

Active member