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Rafael Guglielmetti N&B

Rafael Guglielmetti

IT guy

Clélia Liebermann


Sveva Grigioni

General Secretary

Ulrich Wildmoser


Sandy Guglielmetti

Event representative

Gaia Baur

Image representative

Jérome Baur

Music representative

The committee is principally composed of the founding members of Artecapt, who, besides their own professionnal activities, follow and support the projects created by the members of the association.

Artecapt has the particularity and advantage of having members of various different ages. This happy mix allows supported projects to profit both from the dynamics and creativity of youth, as well as the expertise and professionnal experience of the elder.

We are devoted to proposing this crossover look, the sharing of knowledge between different generations and domains, to the profit of Artecapt’s members.