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  • It’s easy, you only need to register using the online form below;
  • After indicating your motivations for joining Artecapt, you will be invited to pay a free membership fee for the current year via the IBAN below (we invite you to consider a minimum of 30,- CHF for your membership fee). This annual fee allows you to remain a member and support the association;
  • The registration of your membership fee will allow you to join the groups and domains that interest you, to stay informed of current creations, to consult job offers, to ask your questions, to propose your skills to take part in the projects of other members and / or the running of your association.

The whole Artecapt team is happy to welcome you!


Membership request

Membership request


Artecapt’s bank account

IBAN : CH84 0900 0000 1543 4561 6

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Place de la gare 14 – CH1020 Renens, Switzerland

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Clélia Liebermann, Project director

“Holding on to the shoulders of the giants and looking further away…”

Jean-Claude Ameissen