About the association


The association Artecapt supports all of the means permitting the creation of works of art, cultural and interdisciplinairy activities, the transmission of know-how and collaborates in the sharing of these creations with the public.

Artecapt is also a way for several creators of having a common voice that represents them.

This voice is Clélia Liebermann’s, Director of Artecapt. Orchestra musician (flutist) and musicology student at the University of Fribourg, she also has a rich experience in event management. This thanks to several years of activities at the EPFL, notably as part of the co-programming of concerts and plays and co-management of the famous Sat (alias Satellite) at the EPFL.

Within Artecapt Clélia Liebermann is thus at the same time an agent of artists and a cultural event manager.

becoming a member

allows you to stay up to date on current and future creations as well as events organised by the association.

By signing up as a member, Artecapt becomes your association. The membership fee is free but its payment is obligatory to stay a member of Artecapt.

Naturally you will have to repect the statutes, the other members and the values upheld by the association.

Depending on the amount of your yearly contribution, in return you will receive one or more of the following:

  • information on events, expositions or previews;
  • invitations to events, expositions or previews (depending on availability);
  • access to Artecapt’s Slack network, which allows exchange with other members, to consult job offers, to follow the association’s evolution and the projects it supports;
  • being invited to Artecapt’s annual “Apéro-bavard”. These festive gatherings are organised on a terrace in the middle of the vineyards in Cully, Switzerland. It is the occasion to get to know eachother, to meet up, to simply talk, and to discover together the other member’s projects and latest creations!

Your membership status also allows you to submit a personal project to Artecapt. This is how it works:

1. After reading the association’s requirements and signing up as a member on the form available on the registration page of this site, you can send a presentation folder of your project to the association.

2. The committee of the association will meet to study your concept, the meaning of the project, and the feasibility of its production. Following this exprtise, the committee members will give you their remarks, critics, and suggestions. On the basis of this feedback you will have the possibility to inspire yourself to optimse the presentation of your project, or to go further with Artecapt.

3. In this last case and if you desire to begin looking for financing – Artecapt can possibly intervene at your side as association to represent you in front of Swiss cultural institutions and foundations. For this, it is of course necessary that your project corresponds to the values and capabilities of the association – This essential phase of the realizaion of a project requires the most often the creation of specific dossiers, following procedures that are sometimes complex, and, for independants to be imperatively represented by an associational organization, so that their request can be admissible by the cultural institutions.

4. In this case, the author of the project and Artecapt will negociate a collaboration contract, which also define a joint planning.


Above all, the association’s proposition to its members and creators is to be able to count on an approving gaze and constructive criticism, in the interest of their project.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Please know that you can also contribute to Artecapt’s activities by proposing your involvement in future projects. For this it will be enough if you send us your profile and skills (which we will keep very preciously!).


  • model for photographic staging;
  • extra or assistant for the shooting of a film;
  • make-up artist, costume designer, scenographer,
  • musician, voice-over, sound engineer, soundman
  • light technician, video, director;


ARTECAPT, Place de la gare 14,
CH1020, Renens

Phone number

Clélia Liebermann
+41 79 718 99 74‬