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Roberto Cortesi

Roberto Cortesi


Born in Locarno in 1960, Roberto Cortesi studied music at the Milan Conservatoire (transverse flute), then at the Ribeaupierre Institute in Lausanne and the EJMA. In parallel to his training in music therapy, he perfected his musical training in theory, arrangement and composition, notably under the guidance of Gérard Le Coat.

Since the release of his first CD, he has collaborated with the Swiss french singer “Sémam”, then with the string quartet Barbouze de Chez Fior for his project “Chant des Lieux”, and with a large number of musicians from the Swiss french jazz scene.

He was the creator and the conductor of the realisation of the book-CD “Noces Intérieures”, the multimedia exhibit that followed, as well as a choreography project with Tania De Paola, played at the Pulloff Theatre in Lausanne at the end of 2017.

He is also the creator, artistic director and composer of “Des Vies, des Villes”, a collection of illustrated musical tales, published in November 2021

Realizations :

  • Creation of original music for the Video-Art Festival of Locarno (1987)
  • Music for the movie “La casa nello stagno”, financed by the canton of Ticino and the municipality of Locarno (1990)
  • Stage music for the Cie “Dernière Cène” of Marco Danesi, Lonay
    • L’Arsénic, as part of the biennale of contemporary theatre (1995)
    • “Théâtres d’été” (Summer theatre) of Nyon (1996 and 1997)
  • Release of the CD “Un Chemin”, edited by VDE-Gallo (2000)
  • Creation of “Chant des Lieux”, for string quartet, singers, and video sequences (2008), with the quartet “Barbouze chez Fior”. This creation was played at the “Espace des Terreaux” in Lausanne 13 and 14 March 2008
  • Release of the CD “Chant des Lieux”, with the quartet Barbouze (2016)
  • Release of the book-CD “Noces Intérieures, voyage au coeur du couple” (2016), at the publisher Ellebore
  • Adaptation of the music of Noces Intérieures for the choreography by Tania De Paola at Pulloff (2017)
  • « Des Vies, Des Villes », illustrated musical tales, publisher Lore Productions (2021)